The Challenge

The Challenge
Today I got a challenge from German artist Christiane Hütter.
She gave me a coin from Brazil: 1 Real.
She told me to keep trying to change it into something else
and keep changing the things I got.

At first I was waiting next to a garbage can in Copenhagen Central station. I had the idea that my only chance was to see if people wanted to get rid of some waste, which I could buy. But people were to busy they didn’t even notice me. Then I tried in a shoe shop, asking if I could get a shoebox or something. But they almost got scared and told me that they were not allowed to change money. 

But then I changed the coin into a beautiful Italien lemon in a restaurant.
Then I changed the lemon into a can of purple spray paint.
The spray got changed into two packets of luxury cigarette papers.
I keep the papers in my purse.
I want to continue changing some other day.

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