Get that balance


Part of the curatororial team for “get that balance” project:

Mette Kit Jensen (1962, Denmark) planned and created the lounge, which occupied the centre of the exhibition space K3. It was an airy, sheltered and open space at the same time, in which visitors could take a break and have a coffee, engage in conversation or take a closer look at videos and catalogues of the participating artists. The lounge also housed discussions prior to or during the guided tours of the exhibition.
Its walls were like insinuations of space, consisting of gliding, semi-translucent silver hangings that could be used at all times to subdivide other areas. There were colourful stools and sofas, as well as some end tables in bright hues. The lounge could be adapted to suit particular situations. If a film was screened, the hangings were opened up in all directions; if there were discussions in a small circle, the space would be reconfigured to “enclose”. Throughout the exhibition, the airy spatial structures provided for a transition between outside and inside space. The silver fabric “mirrored” the exhibition from the outside, while the inside offered the visitors a space to retreat.
The flexible space was used above all for the jours fixes, seminars with lectures, screenings and artist talks, all of which took place on Fridays from 4 – 6 p.m.